Getting exact rectangles or breaking our 20x20 mm stones into even 10x10 mm stones is usually a bit difficult with pliers. In this case, our new stopper bar will help you to divide 20x20 mm mosaic stones into even rectangles of 10x20 mm or small squares of 10x10 mm with ease. You can also use it to cut triangles without any problems.

The stopper bar is optimised for our glass cutter H0171. In addition, the screws are easy to loosen and the stop bar can be converted for left-handers in just a few steps. The stopper bar is ideal for our Joy glass 20x20 mm, Murano glass, Ceraton, mirror 20x20 mm, Fantasy glass 20x20 mm and Soft glass 20x20 mm!


Thanks to our breaking pliers, pre-scored mosaic stones and also incised Tiffany glass plates can be broken easily and precisely. For scoring, we recommend our glass cutters H0171 and H0172.

If you want to divide mosaic stones exactly, our new stopper bar H0188 will serve you very well!


handmade glass jewellery - each piece is unique!

Arco-Iris is handcrafted glass jewellery using the Fusing technique and each piece is unique! The gemstones consist of three layers of solid-coloured glass that is fused together at high temperatures. Thanks to their shape and bright colours, the stones make excellent eyes. They look particularly beautiful in combination with ice glass and Mini Flip ceramics; but also with many other mosaic stones.

Choose different Mini Flip mosaic stones that could be used as a beak for a bird. Together with our glass ornaments as eyes, you will already recognise a bird or other animal that you can make out of it. For example, a parrot, a sparrow, an owl or a gecko.

Just let your imagination run wild!


Our new mosaic supports "H0224 Set of 3 Tealight 24x8x4 cm" as well as "H0225 Vase Cube 6x6x6 cm" are solidly made of concrete and perfectly suitable for outdoor use when using the appropriate adhesive (e.g. flex adhesive H0040/H0041). But you can also create a great eye-catcher indoors with these objects.